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Czech CUKR (tsook-rr) means 'Sugar' or 'Sweetie' 2003 - 2014

These short videos show an 8 year-old Suki on the Malvern Hills in 2011. The first two demonstrate the new sport which Suki has invented - 'Slope-Slithering'. In her opinion, any means of travelling without having to move your legs must be a good idea ....


Suki with her mum near Slapton in Devon February 21st 2003

Sweet dreams!

(The strange thing near her tail is a toy!)

We gave her a little puppy collar from the start, and she didn't mind it in the least.

She went to meet Sheila's dog Ben and chased him round the garden!

Here she is at 13 weeks with Malcolm - with a grown-up collar now!

Mum with Suki - and Dad is sitting on the right.

With her friend Gemma on the Old Hills.

One of her first encounters with her toy duck - and see the next pic for what followed!

The magnolia at the front of the house makes a good backdrop for a black dog.

Wearing her safety-belt harness ready to go to Madresfield Court for Daffodil Sunday.

A shady spot in the patio at 15 weeks. You can see how much she has grown by looking at the little statue of Hebe and comparing it with picture 4.

What a beauty!

It's hard work being a dog.

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