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This is the first time I met my human Mum and Dad near Shrewsbury on August 24th, 2014 at Jimdi Labradors, where I lived.

They called me 'NoraDora' because my gran is Nora and my official name is Jimdi Dora Dickson. Quite a coincidence (as well as the surname), since a new little Czech puppy I know is called Norinka (sweet little Nora).

When I go home with them they will name me Sasha.

It's quite a scrum when our Mum Judy comes in to us! By the fence you can see Gran Nora Batty and Dad Jack, and then me with mum and dad.



Knowing what I do about my new human Mum, how can I be sure that I was the real reason they travelled up to Shrewsbury? They both sneaked off at lunchtime to look at some Roman ruins and I know that one of the inscribed stones in the museum was used as the basis for her Roman Tombstone Decoder ... The reconstructed Town House at the back of the photo wasn't there the last time they visited Wroxeter: looks very effective when viewed from the perspective of the ruined bathhouse.

Roman ruins

Travelling to my new home was a bit scary so I squealed a lot in the car for half the way, but then decided to sleep instead. There are lots of new things to explore and cosy places to snooze. You can see my 'Sashaloo' behind me in the second pic: I do know where I am supposed to go but I don't always decide to use it! There are lots of barricades around the garden which are supposed to keep me safe, but I soon find ways to get where I want to .... the little hedges are great fun to jump over and I don't mind if I get stuck half-way because I can soon drop down on the other side after a bit of wriggling.

Here is little Norinka, who lives in the Czech Republic. She is a Beagle and the first two are when she was tiny. The second two show her having fun in her new home. I might be able to talk to her on Skype but I suppose it's unlikely we will meet anytime soon. She is 18 days younger than me.

Norinka         Norinka asleep norinka and shoe

Now my life is getting very exciting - I love playing with water and will paddle in my drinking bowl if there isn't anywhere else, but I don't always co-operate when it comes to getting dry. Some people think I am more scary than the two monsters each side of me, but anyone who doesn't know how sharp my teeth are can't understand that!

I was really impressed with the architecture at Great Malvern station, and the trains didn't bother me at all. Caffe Nero is my favourite place to visit, perhaps because it is next door to the pet shop! I met a Guide Dog in training called Nikita (2 weeks older than me) at the petshop this morning, and found out that they might let me become a volunteer to help raise money and I could wear a blue tabard - how exciting - particularly so because whenever I am out loads of people seem to assume that I am a guide dog in training: must be because I am so well-behaved and friendly (and modest!). Their Facebook page is:

This is my official 12 weeks old photo.