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[picture of my mosaic]
(We made this mosaic in our garden!)

Welcome to an assortment of Roman topics and ideas

See how we made our mosaic and Roman garden.
Enjoy the beauty of Latin poetry - even if you know no Latin!


Powerpoint on SCANSION - this is an attempt to explain the metre and rhythms of Latin poetry in a way that non-specialists can understand. You will also need to download this sound file and save it in a folder with the powerpoint so that it will play when you reach the relevant slide.


Horace's Pyrrha Ode

Virgil's description of Laocoon and the serpents

some Horace, Virgil and Catullus

[new icon] [new icon] Find out about an exciting worldwide Classics competition
- and listen to Boris Johnson's message!


[new icon] [new icon] Listen to a recording of Horace's poem about Pyrrha

If you are interested in the roots of English words you may enjoy the Classical Computers Quiz , Classical Face Quiz and the Harry Potter Quiz which show you the Classical derivations clearly.

Translate Roman inscriptions - including luggage labels!
Discover how to translate tombstone inscriptions.
Find out how the Latin language works.

Students of Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation will find a selection of pages especially for them on the 'Meet Pyrrha' page.

You can visit Roman forts, amphitheatres and a Celtic hillfort and examine evidence for how Roman soldiers lived by clicking on the 'inscriptions' section, which also explores Roman religious ideas.


[image of Perseus award!] This Website has been given the Perseus Award for 'helping to spread information about the Classical World'.