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Latin and Greek

Good luck with your revision, and do email me if you would like more help! (even if you are not one of my own students).

NB The only links for Greek here are to the Eton website and my recording of Book 9 of the Odyssey.

You can listen to translations of the Aeneid 4 selections (and all of Book 4) on the Class. Civ. Epic students' page.
NB The Latin poetry section of this website contains an analysis of some of Horace's 'Pyrrha' poem and the 'Town and Country Mouse' poem. You can hear both of these read in Latin on the Spoken Latin section.

The following sections were put here as an experiment. I had never tried putting powerpoints onto the website for people to download before and I am pleased to know that the system works! You can also find them on the shared server at school. (There are some errors in the online versions which have been corrected on the school server).

GCSE Latin

powerpoint on verbs 1 to download

powerpoint on verbs 2 to download

powerpoint on deponent verbs to download

powerpoint on participles to download

powerpoint on ablative absolutes to download

powerpoint on gerunds to download

Here is the 2007 OCR GCSE vocabulary list on an Excel spreadsheet.

GCSE vocabulary spreadsheet to download

GCSE verbs colour-coded spreadsheet to download (2006 version)


Year 10 Latin

Here are your personalised pages of the Cambridge Latin Course - enjoy!

Cambridge Latin Course

GCSE Greek

Listen to a reading of all Odyssey Book 9 in English

Some websites you might like.

Vocab tests for ocr gcse and other help

GCSE Prose literature texts and background information.

Vocab tests for Greek - go to "Eton in action" then "Greek Project".

My dog's website!


for Class. Civ. Epic students.

forts at The Lunt and Caerleon

an Iron Age hillfort and Cirencester museum

for my Latin and Greek GCSE students.

Easter cruise 2006

trip to Greece 2002.

Latin passages read by Classics students.

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