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A slave pretends to be a Pompeian citizen!

Book 1 of the Cambridge Latin Course has a story on page 151 where a slave called Grumio wants to take advantage of the bribes being offered to people who vote for a candidate in the local elections. His friend Clemens is worried that he might get into trouble if he is found out.

This passage has been recorded by the girls who were awarded First Prize at the 2003 Gloucestershire Classical Association Latin and Greek Reading Competition.

You may like to print out the passage below so that you can follow it when the recording begins ...


Clemens is surprised to see Grumio wearing a toga.

C babae! togam splendidam geris!

G placetne tibi?

C mihi placet. quo festinas, Grumio?

G ad amphitheatrum contendo. Afer fautores exspectat.

C num tu Afro faves? Caecilius Holconio favet.

G Afer fautoribus quinque denarios promisit. Holconius fautoribus duos denarios tantum promisit. ego Afro faveo, quod vir liberalis est.

C sed tu servus es. civis Pompeianis non es. Afer civibus Pompeianis pecuniam promisit.

G Clemens, hodie non sum Grumio. hodie sum Lucius Spurius Pomponianus!

C Lucius Spurius Pomponianus! mendacissimus coquus es!

G minime! hodie sum pistor Pompeianus. hodie nos pistores ad amphitheatrum contendo. tu mecum venis?

C tecum venio. Afro non faveo. denarios non cupio, sed de te sollicitus sum. rem periculosam suscipis.

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