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[the real Medusa!]

mosaic making
gluing the tesserae

[Me sticking the first pieces onto the face] This is me using children's water-soluble glue to stick the tesserae face-down onto the paper. (The paper will be soaked away from the top of the design when the mosaic is reversed and laid outside.)

Here I am working on the line of the nose and the mouth. It was difficult to assess what the final effect would be because the marble did not have such a strong colour on its unpolished surfaces.

[snaky hair!]
The face and hair look good now, and we have added our initials - A M D - just in case anyone in the future thinks they have found a genuine Roman mosaic!

We used tile-cutters to shape the tesserae when necessary, and found that it was safer to hold the marble and cutters inside a small plastic bag so that we were not hit by flying pieces.

[Malcolm finishing the guilloche]

Several weeks later (we only worked for about an hour at a time because the bending and mosaic dust were not very pleasant in larger doses) Malcolm is finishing off the border.

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